Sail Racing

The Deep Bay Yacht Club was formed in 1997 with the idea there should be some club racing that would be fun, inexpensive, uncomplicated and available to everyone.

DBYC sail races are open to all sailors – members and non-members alike.

Entry cost for the season is only $20.00 for members and $30.00 for non-members.

Signed Waivers are required. Click here for waiver.

See the DBYC Sail Race Manual for race details and instructions.

Map of Race area.

2021 Race Schedule

First race for 2021!
Races begin July 4th< and continue through the summer on alternate Sundays (July 28th, etc.) . Watch this space ... there may be more frequent races if racing group agrees.

Anyone who is interested in racing or crewing please contact Robert Seline, Fleet Captain Sail.

On race day, a “Skipper’s Meeting” will be held at 10:00 am at the clubhouse; races will start at 11:00 am.