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First, we pass outside buoy P41.

The red can buoy, P40 the assembly point.

Leaving P41 behind.

En route to the assembly point, led by the Lone (red} Ranger Tug (yet to be named).

A view down the Strait, showing the Spit area known to ground any vessels who ignore P39

Might as well raise the sails while we wait for the Go signal.

Signal given, the Ranger Tug leads the way to the Dolphin Quest.

All 3 sailboats with sails up, to be followed by the other tug bringing up the rear.

Few sights are more beautiful than a sailboat under sail, even when reefed.

An appreciative audience viewing a boat passing by under full sail.

Heading for the Dolphin Quest, at anchor in the distance

The Dolphin Quest taking the salutes, rear deck protected by an unusual dinosaur. .

"Saluting" the Commodore on the Dolphin Quest,each in their own way.

Who knew a triceratops could stand on its hind legs like that? .

Returning to base, solar cells a-charging (keeping the beer cold?).

The group heading back, Ted and crew hastening to weigh anchor.

The group still heading back, Ted and crew still hastening to weigh anchor. .