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Deep Bay Yacht Club Membership Form

Box 169, Bowser, B.C. V0R 1G0

Membership Year 2024



NEW MEMBERSHIP INITIATION FEE, including DBYC burgee, is $300. The annual dues of $250 mean a total amount of $550 is payable to the Deep Bay Yacht Club.
*If a new member paid initiation and regular annual dues after the 31st of August, the new member's annual dues are considered paid for the following year.

ANNUAL DUES for Deep Bay Yacht Club are $250 per year per couple payable to the Deep Bay Yacht Club and must be paid by the last day of February.
*Members who pay their annual dues after the last day of February must pay an additional late fee of $25.

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Payment may be made by mailing a cheque to the above address, or by Interac: Email membership@dbyc.ca.

(No password required.)

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